Fashionable Tiling

In honor of the recent fashion shenanigans during the legendary New York Fashion Week last week, I thought we should discuss how very similar the fashion and textile industry is to the tile industry. Seems strange, doesn’t it? For all of you who believe that fashion is silly and/or shallow…well, it is. But whatever your … Continue reading

TileTramp Fireplace Design – Pt. 2

Several months ago, I introduced you to my very first personal home renovation project: my fireplace.  If you haven’t read that particular post, the gist is that the builder placed some very cheap (re: ugly) tiles over our fireplace wall, preventing us from being able to mount our TV in the middle of our living room. Instead, … Continue reading

Tile Trends: 2-Dimensional is So Last Year

Being sick sucks. But there is something especially cruel about summer colds. Of all the things I’d like to be doing when the sun is shining and the beach is 3 blocks from my condo, I can tell you that the last thing I want to do is lay on my couch all day watching … Continue reading

Herringbone & chevron…siblings, not twins

It’s true that in the past I’ve used the terms “herringbone” and “chevron” interchangably quite a bit throughout my posts. I would like to clear up a misconception: herringbone and chevron patterns, while strikingly similar, are not the same. Don’t feel bad if you didn’t know this, because I didn’t really notice the difference until … Continue reading

Herringbone Strikes Back!

OK, so I have already discussed the beauty of Chevron tile. I already told you all about the glamour it brings to a room and its timelessness. However, I noticed two things within the last week: 1) The single most popular search term people are using to find my blog (thank you!) is “herringbone tile”. … Continue reading

A Sincere Apology & Some Very Pretty Recycled Glass Tile

A sincere apology to all of my readers for my recent lack of posts…it is extremely difficult to turn off vacation mode and get back to “the real world.” Especially because the real world is not nearly as fun as the French Riviera. I can make a ton of excuses for my hiatus, but instead … Continue reading

My Personal Foray Into Fireplace Tile Design

So I have previously talked about all the things I loved about my condo at first sight…crown molding, big bathroom, new kitchen, etc. But as with everything in life, it was not perfect. In fact, when my other half and I moved in, there was one thing that we both unanimously despised. Our beautiful new home … Continue reading

Back-Painted Glass Tile: Read This Before You Buy!

Ahhh. The beauty and depth of back-painted glass tile. I am the first to admit that there is a significant appeal to this modern tile that beckons to my inner urban-chic self. I am also the first to admit that I have not only sold this tile to clients, knowing full well the risks that are … Continue reading

Top 5 2011 Tile Trends (Thus Far)

Trends in tile are a very interesting thing, because when you think about it, tile is really quite a permanent fixture in your home. Many people, especially commercial interior designers, love to embrace the trends and make them their own, while others prefer to avoid them and stick to the classics (which I’ll discuss in … Continue reading