Tile Trends: 2-Dimensional is So Last Year

Being sick sucks. But there is something especially cruel about summer colds.

Of all the things I’d like to be doing when the sun is shining and the beach is 3 blocks from my condo, I can tell you that the last thing I want to do is lay on my couch all day watching re-runs because my head feels like a cloud attached to my neck.

But alas, that is how I spent the last several days.

Luckily, I can breathe again and I’m not in a Nyquil-induced coma, so I have returned to blogging!

I’ve noticed another trend lately that I thought worth mentioning. More and more customers are coming in inquiring about textured tile. It started with a simple bevelled subway.

elle decorapartment therapy

But then, some really amazing textured tile started showing up that really takes it to a whole new level! I mean, a bevel is great and classic and timeless and all, but what is it compared to some of these designs: 

Settecento "Croco Tiles"Oceanside "Casa California"

Tokujin Yoshioka "Honeycomb"

Ann Sacks "Abyssinian Dimensional Tile"

Walker Zanger "Studio Moderne - Paramount"

 Now that is some serious texture!

When designing with textured tile, it’s important to keep in mind where it will be located. As you may have noticed, nearly all of these photos are of bathrooms. I always warn customers about installing textured tiles in kitchens for two simple reasons: oil & grease. Cleaning is enough of a hassle without adding an extra dimension to your backsplash.

Textured tile really shines in bathrooms, or when used as a feature wall (like the honeycomb shown above). It can create an excellent focal point for a living space in an entryway or at the end of a hallway as well. It also makes a killer backsplash for a wet bar area, especially if you choose a funky color or an iridescent finish, which really shows off the textured angles.

And, as always, rules are made to be broken. If you really want it in your kitchen, absolutely go ahead with it, but with the understanding that it will require a little more cleaning than a 2D tile. It can really make a statement in your kitchen and give you a very unique look, like here:

Walker Zanger - Studio Moderne "Marquis"

Sorry to re-post that picture, but I’m really lusting after that tile at the moment. I keep debating using it in my own bathroom…or fireplace…or kitchen (cleaning be damned)…

And as always, if you’d like advice on your current project, feel free to email me at tiletramp@gmail.com for a free consultation!


7 Responses to “Tile Trends: 2-Dimensional is So Last Year”
  1. Katie says:

    The crocodile skin ones are so cool!!

  2. Do you have a Facebook page or Twitter? Would love to follow you there, I’m on my iPhone and love reading your stuff!

  3. Wait till you see what Oceanside Glasstile is putting out this winter!! It will knock your socks off!! 🙂

  4. areafloors says:

    Tile is such a great way to add texture to your home, many people forget this when putting there tile plan together! The honeycomb tile would make a back splash to die for! Great blog!

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