TileTramp Fireplace Design – Pt. 2

Several months ago, I introduced you to my very first personal home renovation project: my fireplace. 

If you haven’t read that particular post, the gist is that the builder placed some very cheap (re: ugly) tiles over our fireplace wall, preventing us from being able to mount our TV in the middle of our living room. Instead, our TV was mounted onto the wall next to it, halfway between our living room and our dining room.

You can kind of see the edge of the TV butting into the frame here.

Obviously, this had to change.

So, with several design considerations and changes, I finally decided to use carrara marble tile to cover the wall.

I mean, let’s be honest. Anyone who’s read a handful of my posts knows that I’m notoriously attracted to anything remotely glamorous and/or elegant. How could I not take this opportunity to add some more marble to my home?

Plus, I was able to convince the significant other by pointing out that this particular marble is already being used in our bathroom, so having a sense of continuity will help tremendously with resale.

Now, while on the surface this may have seemed like a rather simple home renovation, it was actually much more involved than you might think.

Step 1) We had to tape off the entire wall with plastic sheeting to protect our floors and living room from being covered in drywall dust. It was a cute effort, but it didn’t really end up helping that much.

It looks like a quarantine, doesn't it?

Step 2) We take inventory of the random crap we find in our wall: an unused condom and an extension cord.

The condom is a little confusing, and we had a grand old time trying to figure out how it got there.

The extension cord, on the other hand, is a major fire hazard. Take note! No extension cords in walls.

My cat was not impressed.

Step 3) Our good friend, who is also conveniently a skilled elecetrician, came over and re-wired everything for the new location of the TV. He also helped to re-frame in the walls and did other generally awesome things.

Step 4) Our other friend who does drywall finishing came over and patched up our poor, beaten up walls. This is about when that plastic got ripped down.

Step 5) FINALLY the tiling began!

And here is how it looks now (we still haven’t re-mounted the TV):


Sorry for the low-quality pictures, my camera is out of commission and my iPad really isn't a great replacement.

 I really couldn’t be more pleased with how it came out! The vertical strips are all carrara marble as well with the lighter colored pieces being textured to add depth. All of it came with a wax finish and a sealer baked right in so we will never have to worry about sealing (it’s never a huge concern on fireplaces anyway, but still, it’s nice).

I will be posting pictures of the absolute finished product once the TV is re-mounted (tonight), and the walls are all re-painted (God knows when). But until then, I’m just enjoying my gorgeous new tile 🙂

3 Responses to “TileTramp Fireplace Design – Pt. 2”
  1. Jacqueline says:

    Looks great!!!

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  1. […] For the Fireplace we have chosen the same kind and color of marble but different size. For the face of the fireplace I wanted to have a cozy cottage look so I wanted smaller tiles laid in a brick pattern. We found some tile sheets at Floor and Decor of the smaller tiles already laid out in the brick pattern and I like how there were shades of dark gray throughout the tiles.  For the floor directly in front of the fireplace we went with a 12X12 marble tile. I am excited to see how it turns out and will post a more detailed description of the process and supplies once it’s all done.  I found the inspiration for the fireplace here […]

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