Petra Antiqua: The Most Beautiful Tiles in the World

That’s a bold statement, I know…But I don’t know who would argue. These tiles are simply amazing. I mean, obviously I’ve seen a lot of tile. And by a lot, I mean a lot of tile. But let’s just say that when I first heard about this company and searched through their website, there were … Continue reading

Design Basics: Color Schemes via Color Wheel

When you are beginning a new design, whether it be for a new client or for your own home renovation, the process can be daunting. Let’s face it, the design industry is huge and the possibilities are pretty much limitless when you’re choosing furnishings, lamps, tile (as you’ve already learned by now you smart reader, you), … Continue reading

3 Creative (and Inexpensive) Ways to Add Glass to a Backsplash

Glass backsplashes are a beautiful thing. This goes without saying. It’s a look that my clients frequently quote when I ask what styles they prefer and it really adds a lot of “glitter” to a room. That being said, the cost for a good quality glass tile is a bit more than most clients are … Continue reading

My Personal Foray Into Fireplace Tile Design

So I have previously talked about all the things I loved about my condo at first sight…crown molding, big bathroom, new kitchen, etc. But as with everything in life, it was not perfect. In fact, when my other half and I moved in, there was one thing that we both unanimously despised. Our beautiful new home … Continue reading

Add a Little Glamour With Chevron Floor Tile

In the famous words of Carrie Bradshaw…“Hellooo lover.” *Sigh* Chevron floor tile was one of my first flooring loves. Still is. I would happily give up my hardwood and plain porcelain in a half of a heartbeat for this gorgeous pattern. It just exudes glamour. And if you haven’t noticed, I am drawn to all … Continue reading

TileTramp Says Ciao & Au Revoir!

I have been extremely enthralled with European design as of late. Wondering why? Perhaps it’s because of its innate beauty? Or because The Real Housewives of Paris is in the works? That’s actually not true…but I would watch it if it was. No, no my friends. I have been particularly obsessed with European design lately … Continue reading

Design Trend Alert: Pink (Yep, You Read That Right)

I needed to post about something bright and cheerful (although don’t know if I can top the Andy Warhol flooring) since where I live it has rained nonstop for quite literally weeks. Day. After. Day. Gray…gray…gray… Did I mention that I don’t have a car? So, this week we are starting with one of the … Continue reading

Andy Warhol Inspires…Tile?

In short: yes. Really, I suppose it was only a matter of time. He’s inspired generations to create all sorts of products ranging from clothing to top-shelf champagne. Seriously, champagne. He’s the master of using color to create loud statement pieces that command attention (whether you like it or not). When I view his work, … Continue reading

Arabesque Tile: Here to Stay?

As with many of my posts, this question was inspired by a client of mine. She wanted to use a white ceramic tile, but a white ceramic of the unconventional variety. Even after I showed her all the ways she could use a plain white subway creatively, she still wanted something different. When I suggested … Continue reading

Porcelain Wood-Grain Tiles: Kicking Hardwood’s Butt One Room at a Time

When I first stepped into my current condo during my housing search, I was immediately swept off my feet. Crown molding, a brand new kitchen, spacious bathroom, and ample closet space: all features very difficult to find where I live. And in addition to all of that, it was a condo not on ground level … Continue reading