TileTramp Fireplace Design – Pt. 2

Several months ago, I introduced you to my very first personal home renovation project: my fireplace.  If you haven’t read that particular post, the gist is that the builder placed some very cheap (re: ugly) tiles over our fireplace wall, preventing us from being able to mount our TV in the middle of our living room. Instead, … Continue reading

The Best of the TileTramp Spam Queue

It seems that my last article scolding the Chinese salesmen for not actually reading my blog, and then not showering me with fake compliments to make up for it, really brought on a frenzy of spammers. And let me just say, I have found it extremely entertaining. I couldn’t resist sharing a few of these gems with … Continue reading

Artisan Glass Kitchen Backsplash

I have been hemming and hawing about replacing our kitchen backsplash tile since we moved into our condo. Not because there is anything hideously wrong with it…but because it’s white. And boring. And I work in a tile store…no excuse. I’m a girl of pattern, texture, and color. Also, our kitchen is a little disjointed, … Continue reading

Small Kitchen Gets a Big Makeover

I recently received these “after” photos from a reader who I’ve been helping since she first contacted me back in June. Her kitchen turned out absolutely stunning and just goes to show that taking a chance on some pretty tile really transforms a space, no matter the size. I found them very inspiring and thought … Continue reading

A Concept Board by Request (Sort Of)

This wasn’t a direct request, but as I’ve been helping to choose paint colors for a friend of mine, I thought I’d whip up a quick board for her kitchen remodel. She has beautiful pre-existing slate flooring which meets up with hardwood in the adjoining living room. As it stands now, she has evergreen laminate … Continue reading

A Traditional Kitchen Idea

I came up with a beautiful concept for a client today that I thought I would share with all of you. First of all, if any of you have come across Giallo Portofino granite, you already know that it’s beautiful…but a pain in the you-know-what to coordiante with. It has gray, taupe, white, burgundy, and … Continue reading

TileTramp Loves Her Readers!

I really try to avoid blatantly asking for support from you, my lovely readers. Aside from my recent Facebook announcement, I’ve actually avoided it entirely. But I can’t tell you how happy it makes me when someone subscribes to my blog, or comments on one of my posts. And I really love when people take me … Continue reading

TileTramp Succumbs to Social Networking Peer Pressure

Yeah OK so there wasn’t actually any pressure, but I figured not having a Facebook page made me look like a bad blogger. Sooo introducing, TileTramp: The Facebook Experience! In case you are like so many of us out there who relies on Facebook for your primary source of new information in all things that … Continue reading

A TileTramp House

I post a lot about tile. Obviously. This is, in fact, a tile blog. I have also made the decision to keep my identity a secret for reasons I have previously discussed. So it occurs to me that you don’t really know much about me, and some of the personal touch of my blog therefore … Continue reading

3 Creative (and Inexpensive) Ways to Add Glass to a Backsplash

Glass backsplashes are a beautiful thing. This goes without saying. It’s a look that my clients frequently quote when I ask what styles they prefer and it really adds a lot of “glitter” to a room. That being said, the cost for a good quality glass tile is a bit more than most clients are … Continue reading