Why I Don’t Like Chinese Tile

Well folks, I think I’ve officially hit the tile big-leagues. If there is such a thing, I think you would know you’re in it when Chinese tile manufacturers start spamming you with product brochures about their glass and stone tiles. It’s both flattering and annoying simultaneously. It’s flattering that I’m showing up on their radar. It’s annoying because … Continue reading

Kitchen Backsplash Trends

So, earlier this year I wrote a post discussing the tile trends for 2011. This was an all-encompassing list of the top 5 trends in the world of tile. A reader has suggested that I do up a post on backsplash-specific tile trends, and I thought that was a fabulous idea, so here we are. … Continue reading

Artisan Glass Kitchen Backsplash

I have been hemming and hawing about replacing our kitchen backsplash tile since we moved into our condo. Not because there is anything hideously wrong with it…but because it’s white. And boring. And I work in a tile store…no excuse. I’m a girl of pattern, texture, and color. Also, our kitchen is a little disjointed, … Continue reading

Small Kitchen Gets a Big Makeover

I recently received these “after” photos from a reader who I’ve been helping since she first contacted me back in June. Her kitchen turned out absolutely stunning and just goes to show that taking a chance on some pretty tile really transforms a space, no matter the size. I found them very inspiring and thought … Continue reading

A Concept Board by Request (Sort Of)

This wasn’t a direct request, but as I’ve been helping to choose paint colors for a friend of mine, I thought I’d whip up a quick board for her kitchen remodel. She has beautiful pre-existing slate flooring which meets up with hardwood in the adjoining living room. As it stands now, she has evergreen laminate … Continue reading

A Traditional Kitchen Idea

I came up with a beautiful concept for a client today that I thought I would share with all of you. First of all, if any of you have come across Giallo Portofino granite, you already know that it’s beautiful…but a pain in the you-know-what to coordiante with. It has gray, taupe, white, burgundy, and … Continue reading

Tile Trends: 2-Dimensional is So Last Year

Being sick sucks. But there is something especially cruel about summer colds. Of all the things I’d like to be doing when the sun is shining and the beach is 3 blocks from my condo, I can tell you that the last thing I want to do is lay on my couch all day watching … Continue reading