About TileTramp


It seems the best and most fascinating love affairs are those which either:

a) Start slowly (we’re just friends) and build up (friends with benefits) to culminate in a long and entangled romance (benefits and more)
b) Come upon you suddenly and out of nowhere and consume your life to the point of slight major excessiveness

My love affair with tile has not been of the a) variety. About a year ago, I couldn’t give two shakes if the tile on my wall was Chinese, marble, or cardboard as long as it looked decent and didn’t get in my way.

And then I took a job in a tile store.

Now, as with anyone who works in a niche industry, it’s impossible NOT to notice tile. Everywhere I go, it’s the first thing I see (Hmmm…there is some beautiful hand-cut black glass mosaic in this restroom. And that floor must have cost a fortune! 5/8″ tumbled dark emperador marble!).

You get the point.

While you may be wondering if I intend to use this blog as a shameless tactic to bring myself new clients into my store, I would like to assure you that while I am not above those types of maneuvers, that is not the purpose of this blog. I will be posting from any national and international brands which I know, through industry experience, are of the highest quality.

Warning: some of the tile I plan to showcase may spark a love affair of your own.

8 Responses to “About TileTramp”
  1. Toan says:

    for the love of tile slogan is also used by westside tile in canoga park, ca. they are one of our dealers. great showroom. and the owner is CTC

  2. areafloors says:

    Great blog! You have been added to my blog roll!

  3. Ed says:

    I met my love at a tile store in South Jersey. Her voice was soothing like that of a child’s story teller.
    First it was ceramic (class4) then italian ceramic (class 5) for flooring. But then we moved to italian marble. Oh the veins and colors and texture..always cool to the touch. She showed me inlays and a centerpiece that was beautiful to just look at. I went right to cutting diagonal, and proved that with some analytic-skills and upclose with a wetsaw, I only had 4% waste with my tile skills (that she told improved with every project).
    How could she deprive me of onyx? On white backer-mastic, the color was amazing of honeydew and golden sunlight. With pencil moulding, 12×12 onyx from Onyx mountains, I created a tubsurround deserving of candles, bathballs and prints of Mucha. Don’t forget the Onyx had patterns not unlike cut geodes or warm old-growth crosscut pine.
    I love my backsplash but I know it is flawed, crooked, and wide in grout. But each love is better and more appreciated.
    I wish I could buy a home every month and just go wild on the kitchen, floors and bath. Am I weird?

    • Tile Tramp says:

      You have no idea how much I enjoyed your comment! If you’re weird, color me crazy because you articulated exactly how I feel about those stones as well. Particularly with onyx. The tile that actually first stole my heart was a honey green onyx (lighter in color than traditional green onyx) cut into a Hollywood Regency-esque pattern. Oh the things I could have done with that tile. Sadly, this is the one that got away for me as it has since been discontinued. Ah, the heartache. Always glad to meet a kindred spirit 🙂

  4. kathleen says:

    I was watching a cop show where the female partner was chasing the bad guy into a house alone, cue the `don’t-go-in-there’ music. She kicked open a door, behind which was a bathroom.
    With high-gloss white 4″ tile on the walls.

    Yes, I understand.

  5. i would have tile everywhere if it wasnt so pricey and labor intensive…love love love it! i still like old 1950 tiled countertops over remodled ” tuscan styles granites” excited to find you

  6. Merely wanna remark on few general things, The website design is perfect, the content is very great : D.

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