Herringbone Strikes Back!

OK, so I have already discussed the beauty of Chevron tile. I already told you all about the glamour it brings to a room and its timelessness.

However, I noticed two things within the last week:

1) The single most popular search term people are using to find my blog (thank you!) is “herringbone tile”.

Another interesting one on the list: “crazed subway tile”. I’m not sure what type of subway tile this is, but I sure would like to find out…Schizophrenic subway tile? Subway tile that is armed and dangerous? Subway tile a la Ted Bundy? But I digress…

2) While perusing several of my favorite design blogs, and my latest edition of Elle Decor, I couldn’t help but notice this print on literally everything from napkins, to garbage cans, to wallpaper.

So, in short, I felt another post was justified since it’s clearly as popular amongst all of you as it is amongst my inspiration sources.

And without further ado: four wildly different ways to incorporate herringbone and chevron patterend tiles in your home.

elle decor




I can’t choose a favorite, but I’m really loving the multi-hued herringbone pattern in the last photograph. For a small bathroom with a neutral color palette, talk about making a big statement! I would rock that. But I really feel these photos show the flexibility of incorporating this pattern. Depending on color, size, and material, it can feel traditional, rustic, glamorous, or edgy (respectively). Not a lot of patterns have this versatility.

And if you are still not sure you can commit to a pattern with a more permanent material, like tile, here are some other fun and much easier ways to bring this pattern into your home:

elle decor

urban outfitters

rug from west elm

 Design Sponge also recently showed a before & after series where someone chose to create a monochromatic herringbone pattern on her wall by strategically using painters tape…check it out; it’s such a beautiful (and inexpensive) idea!

And if you’re curious about how you can incorporate this pattern into your home, feel free to email me at tiletramp@gmail.com for a free consultation!

4 Responses to “Herringbone Strikes Back!”
  1. Katie says:

    You know, it’s interesting because I’ve never really cared for much of anything I’ve seen during this chevron craze — rugs, lamp shades, painted on the wall, etc. Then, when we were doing our backsplash, I thought, “Let’s do a herringbone pattern behind the stove, except at an angle.” So we did, and I love it! And it it never even occurred to me that this was chevron.

    So maybe I have a little bit of designer in me after all. The accidental kind. 😉

  2. Tile Tramp says:

    Hey, the accidental kind is the best kind because then you don’t set high expectations for yourself and you’re always pleasantly surprised!

    And it’s funny, I wasn’t crazy about the chevron thing either when it first started showing up everywhere, but it’s definitely grown on me, especially when it’s in a really bright color like yellow..something about the energy of the diagonal lines makes me happy 🙂

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