Penny for your thoughts? No? How about your floor?

We all hate pennies. You know it’s true I will go relatively far out of my way to avoid receiving pennies back with my change. I will happily dig around in my wallet for several minutes to make exact change so that I don’t have to take on more pennies. I have been known on … Continue reading

So you’ve chosen your tile, but have you chosen your grout?

Before we get down to business, I just have to brag a little bit, because my blog post discussing Italian mosaic tile was just featured yesterday on Walker Zanger’s Facebook page! *Smiling* Now I just have to get featured on the front page of WordPress’s “Freshly pressed” page, and my life is complete. Until then, … Continue reading

An Alternative to Wood Wainscoting in Bathrooms

Ahhhh wainscoting. A personal favorite design touch of mine. I think we can all agree that wainscoting is a beautiful look in any room. But there’s something about wainscoting in a bathroom that really exudes elegance. Unfortunately, having that much wood in a wet environment can pose a cornucopia of problems (Yes, I just used … Continue reading

Color Conveying Emotion…Legit, or Phooey?

I’m going to start this post with a little background on color theory…and then I would really like some feedback on this whole idea. So color theory is a very old design concept dictating that certain colors convey certain emotions. I’ll outline them below: Pink Pink produces a sedative-like and soothing effect. (Which means I … Continue reading

Introduce Some French Design With Tile

Throughout my travels in France, I noticed a number of things. For instance, the French don’t like when you try to open a conversation in English. Apparently that’s insulting. Also, you can buy a good bottle of wine in a grocery store for 3 euro. Wish I would have figured that out much earlier in … Continue reading

Italian Tile Design

Oh to be back in Italy. Known for its outstanding food, old-world vibe, and friendly citizens (sometimes so friendly because they’re robbing you blind)…and, of course, it’s impeccable style. I began my trip in Italy, visiting some of the oldest cities in Europe: Venice and Rome. These cities are amazing…juxtaposing ancient buildings with modern life. … Continue reading

A Sincere Apology & Some Very Pretty Recycled Glass Tile

A sincere apology to all of my readers for my recent lack of posts…it is extremely difficult to turn off vacation mode and get back to “the real world.” Especially because the real world is not nearly as fun as the French Riviera. I can make a ton of excuses for my hiatus, but instead … Continue reading