Penny for your thoughts? No? How about your floor?

We all hate pennies. You know it’s true I will go relatively far out of my way to avoid receiving pennies back with my change. I will happily dig around in my wallet for several minutes to make exact change so that I don’t have to take on more pennies. I have been known on … Continue reading

So you’ve chosen your tile, but have you chosen your grout?

Before we get down to business, I just have to brag a little bit, because my blog post discussing Italian mosaic tile was just featured yesterday on Walker Zanger’s Facebook page! *Smiling* Now I just have to get featured on the front page of WordPress’s “Freshly pressed” page, and my life is complete. Until then, … Continue reading

How to Know if Your Dream Tile is Worth the Money

While most people appreciate a good deal (Starbucks $2 iced-drink summers, anyone?), a good deal and a cheap price aren’t quite the same thing. Good deal = high quality + low price Cheap price = low quality + low price See the difference? Therefore, I’ve decided to hand out some valuable tips to keep in mind while … Continue reading