Kitchens With COLOR: Pink

Ah yes. Pink.

I have mentioned pink on this blog before, but today we focus on it in the kitchen format, which is absolutely a harder space to pull off pink than say, your girly girl bathroom or vanity area.

There are many things I love about the color pink. First and foremost, it’s a very happy color. It actually makes me happy to look at something pink in a room. Maybe thats my girlish side taking over, but experts do agree that pink actually promotes happiness and makes people less aggressive.

I’m not sure if this rule applies to fashion though, because when my coworker wears a pink shirt to work my other coworkers do tend to give him more negative attention than positive.

But anyway, I think that when done right pink can create a very fun, bright, and generally happy space. When done wrong, well…you’ll see what happens below.

Traditional Kitchen

Traditional Pink Kitchen

You caught me, this kitchen has no tile. But I would like to challenge you to find a photo of a nice-looking traditional pink kitchen that incorporates pink tile. I will gladly eat my words if you can show me up.

Anyway, this kitchen works. The pink chosen is soft, but not so soft that it’s overly girly. The pinstripe in the pink actually keeps it from going too far off the deep end, and the slight pink tones in the granite keep it from looking entirely out of place. It’s balanced and the final result is lovely.

Modern Kitchen

Modern Pink Kitchen

Again, photos of well-done kitchens using pink are not a dime a dozen. I couldn’t find any contemporary kitchens using pink that I felt comfortable using as good examples. So, we skip contemporary and go right to modern.

Modern kitchens are much easier to work with when incorporating bright color. The recipe is simple: keep everything else white and minimalistic, and then go nuts with color as you see fit. In this space, they chose to use the large blank wall opposite the kitchen as the canvas on which to paint bright, pink patterns. You can see in the mirror in this photo that the rest of the room is very plain: white on white. The wood floors warm it up, and the bright splash of pink can take center stage without competition.

This space also would have worked using a bright pink tile as the backsplash, and brightly colored artwork on this wall.

Shabby Chic Kitchen

Shabby Chic Pink Kitchen

To me, this kitchen is the very epitome of shabby chic. Diluted colors, crystal hardware, wrought iron and lots of curves make this kitchen feminine, warm, and friendly.

The tile used on this backsplash is actually a pressed tin. The look keeps the room from appearing too dollhouse-y (for lack of a better term) and gives it a slightly contemporary flair. It also reflects back some of the pink used elsewhere in the room to keep it from looking too dark.

Pink Gone Wrong

Pink Kitchen Gone Wrong

There were just so many examples I could have used for this photo, but I chose to stick with my original favorite, which I like to call, “If Betsey Johnson exploded in a kitchen.”

It’s complicated for me…because I really, really like the wallpaper. And I really, really like the cabinets. I also like the rug and the chair. What I don’t like is all of these elements in the same room.

For me, it’s too much.

I understand that there are some of you out there who would love this kitchen. But I ask you, would you love it every single day for an extended amount of time?

I feel like I would enjoy it for about a week. Maybe two weeks. It’d be fun to throw a party and answer questions about my wallpaper choice. But then I would think to myself…I shouldn’t have let Betsey Johnson loose in here.

It’s very easy to over-do color. When you’re unsure, the mantra “less is more” is always true. If this kitchen would have stopped after the wallpaper, I think I would love it. But it just went too far.

What do you think? Would you ever dare to design your kitchen with pink? As always, please comment below or email me at if you disagree with anything I said, or if you think I’m nuts for not liking that last photo.

4 Responses to “Kitchens With COLOR: Pink”
  1. says:

    I’m already irritated. Pink is a harsh color. . . there have been test studies that prove the color will make you go mad. . . depending on context of course (and the amount of time you spend surrounded by it)

    • Tile Tramp says:

      I think it’s one of those love/hate things…people have such strong reactions to it, definitely more so than any other color I talk about. I love it in some situations, and actually despise it in others (like my coworkers hot pink shirt). It’s all in the context for me.

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