Kitchens With COLOR: Orange

Happy Halloween my beautiful (and handsome) readers!

I’m taking it easy on Halloween this year; just a nice night carving pumpkins with my significant other and watching scary movies while he tries to scare the bejezus out of me. I hope you are all enjoying your holiday as well!

In honor of this great holiday, I chose to go with the color orange today.

You can imagine the challenge this presented…most people don’t consider orange as an option for their kitchen backsplash. Although, truth be told, I have had a surprising amount of clients asking for orange glass over the last couple of weeks.

But the point is, there will not be nearly the variety of eye candy for your viewing pleasure this time around, so I’ve incorporated some other on-theme photos as well.

Traditional Kitchen

traditional orange kitchen

So this is definitely an orangey-red, but it still counts. To be honest, I’m actually not a huge fan of this photo, but I can see how some others may like it. I personally think that it is too much orange, and that if the floor had been done in a plain, warm brown tile, this room would look like a million bucks. But, if we ignore the orange border on the floor for a moment…no…I still don’t like it. But I’ll leave it because it’s virtually impossible to find orange kitchens.

Contemporary Kitchen

contemporary orange kitchen

Here’s one I can get behind. I realize there is no orange tile in this photo. I’m SORRY. This is a hard color to find tiles for! Note to suppliers out there: there is a definite lack of orange on the market.

Anyway, the orange cabinets actually work in this room because they are toned down with a peachy undertone and set against a basic black and white palette. It’s a big commitment, but it definitely evokes a sense of energy and happiness. I feel like I would be more inclined to cook here.

Hah. Who are we kidding?

Modern Kitchen

modern orange kitchen

Still not orange tile per say, but this effect could also be achieved with a large format orange glass tile. If you could find it. Anyway, orange here is paired with white, charcoal,  and stainless steel to create a deliciously industrial appeal. This would be a fabulous space for hosting parties and other shindigs…especially those of a Halloween nature.


commercial orange kitchen

Yeah, I had to invent a new category for this particular kitchen because I really wanted to show it to you. It’s quite a conundrum. It breaks most of my design rules for bright colors, yet I somehow don’t hate it. But I do think I would hate it if I lived with it everyday. So I call it a commerical kitchen. Throw this in a hotel suite or a condo near a tropical resort where I could enjoy it for a few days, and then return it to its rightful owner. I do not recommend doing this for your own home. Unless you really, really like orange.

Rustic Charm

rustic orange kitchen

Love the latin look here. Orange and cobalt are brilliant together; the stove is what really makes this kitchen pop. Keeping the cabinets and counters quite basic allows for a more elaborate backsplash, even a tiled hoodfan here! Well played.

Orange Gone Wrong

Aside from the very first photo, which by all rights should be down here except that I’m too OCD to not have a “Traditional Kitchen” photo in this post, this is the best-worst photo I could find:

orange kitchen gone wrong

What makes me genuinely sad about this photo is that I actually really, really like this kitchen. Until that random insert pops up into my line of sight. The tile work is fabulous except for that terrible idea. It looks like afterthought; like they ran out of orange tile and threw that in to try to cover it up. If they would have just continued with the orange, I would have had nothing bad to say about this space!


Since it’s Halloween, I will continue with some Halloween decor ideas I particularly enjoy:

Pumpkins can actually be glam with a few rhinestones! 

This was just done with black construction paper. Simple, yet effective. I will be doing this to the boy’s bathroom at work. I will let you know in a future post how it goes.

Absolutely stunning. Who would have thought that chain-link could be so graceful? I think know that I don’t have the patience to do this myself, but I sure can appreciate it. With the right lighting, these would look spectacular at night.

The easiest way to decorate: candy! Throw some in a glass jar with a candle and you have yourself the cheapest centerpiece you could ask for.

Hope you were a little inspired by the orange, and have a safe (but not too safe…it is a notoriously reckless holiday) and happy Halloween! Tomorrow, we tackle a potentially even more difficult color: yellow.


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