Tile Art…How Far Would You Go?

Well ladies and gentlemen, I have stumbled across some new tile technology that has both impressed and baffled me.

It has impressed me because the technology is unique and I always appreciate companies who try to stretch boundaries.

It’s baffling because I just don’t know how in the world it would be used practically.

Meet “The Factory,” a new line by Settecento.

I love that this ad looks like it came right out of "Blow Up". And if that reference went over your head, rent it immediately. It's a classic circa 1966. You won't regret it.

While these photographs don’t really do it justice, the images on these porcelain tiles are actually made up of raised dots in varying sizes over the tile, creating a sort of optical illusion. If you are right up close to the tile, you have no idea what you’re looking at. When you step back, the dots form the image you see in the photographs.

Like I said, impressive, right?

But that being said, where in the heck would you use it? For one thing, the image tiles themselves are horrendously expensive. You can’t just do an entire wall in pictures of Marilyn. And I doubt you would want to.

I mean, do you really love her enough to commit to a permanent tribute to her in your bathroom?

Isn’t that sort of creepy?

Marilyn and Humphrey can watch TV with you!

I think they would look great in a living space or dining room, but that’s much more of an Italian thing than a North American thing. You don’t enter a lot of American or Canadian homes and see tiled living rooms.

I suppose you could frame one single tile (they are quite large) as art…but there’s something weird about that to me. Why not just buy a painting?

So I ask you, my dear readers, would you ever use this tile in your home, and if so, where would you use it?

2 Responses to “Tile Art…How Far Would You Go?”
  1. Phil Smith says:

    HI there, Tile Tramp, good points you make as I was wondering the same thing when our company came out with their own series, called “MyPrint”, which can be seen at http://myprint.dune.es/.

    What I saw that was practical, were a couple of images for tiling walls in commercial spaces, specifically a restaurant and lounge, where fashionable, vivid graphical design with easy clean-up and a long-lasting surface is a plus.

    On the residential side, whether to opt to buy “disposable art” that hangs on the wall, or put up the same graphic using wallpaper or similar material versus the more permanent tile solution I guess is up to the consumer. Like in the commercial example, tile offers longevity, durability, and cleanability, (if that’s not a word, well I just made it up). And I know North Americans love their bathrooms to be squeaky-clean for when Mom comes over.

    Anyhow, always enjoy your musings on the tile experience. Keep up the great work.


    • Tile Tramp says:

      Hi Phil, thanks for your comment!

      Excellent point you make about commercial use. My projects are primarily residential so I tend to overlook the commercial use for products like these, but you are absolutely right. They would be stunning in a lounge or even a Hollywood themed hotel like the MGM Grand or something on a smaller scale.

      I tried to view the series from your company at your website but had some trouble, would you mind emailing me some photos at tiletramp@gmail.com?

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