Artisan Glass Kitchen Backsplash

I have been hemming and hawing about replacing our kitchen backsplash tile since we moved into our condo.

Not because there is anything hideously wrong with it…but because it’s white. And boring. And I work in a tile store…no excuse.

I’m a girl of pattern, texture, and color.

Also, our kitchen is a little disjointed, in that our flooring is a blue-gray, our lower cabinets are a very warm bamboo, our counters are Quartz with flecks of warmer colors, and our upper cabinets are bright white.

If our cabinets were all white, no problem. But throwing that bamboo in there is mixing warm & cool tones, which traditionally I do not like to do.

So of course, I immediately fell for this tile, which seems to unite all my kitchen’s features and has a mix of everything I love:

Jazz Glass “St. Louis”

Helloooooo beautiful artisan glass! Pattern, check. Texture, check. Color, check.

The blue in this tile picks up the blue from our floor, the bands of off-white tie in our warmer bamboo cabinets, and the bright white ties in the upper cabinetry. Plus, the mix of different shades of white kind of mimics our countertops.

Here it is with the rest of the fixtures in my kitchen:

These features aren’t the exact ones I have at home (the photos didn’t look as pretty on a concept board), but this is the general idea. Our flooring has a lot more gray-blue in it, and our counters look like solid white from a distance. And our bamboo isn’t nearly that yellow and actually looks more like birch color-wise (which we also have on our floors).

But, at least you see kind of what I mean.

So, since I already know from experience that my other half is not nearly as much of a fan of artisan glass as I am, I’m going to need lots of comments about how beautiful this tile is to sway him in my favor 😉

But in all seriousness, what do you all think? Do you like the look of hand-crafted artisan tile, or do you prefer more crisp, clean lines? Would you use artisan tile in your own kitchen, or would you use it somewhere else?

2 Responses to “Artisan Glass Kitchen Backsplash”
  1. Kim says:

    Incredibly gorgeous!!! I’m jealous because I have to work with granite…..

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