Small Kitchen Gets a Big Makeover

I recently received these “after” photos from a reader who I’ve been helping since she first contacted me back in June.

Her kitchen turned out absolutely stunning and just goes to show that taking a chance on some pretty tile really transforms a space, no matter the size. I found them very inspiring and thought I would share them with you:


Because the backsplash area was so small, and received no natural light, we immediately decided on a back-painted glass tile which gives her maximum light reflection. Alison really loved the way blue tile looked with white cabinetry, so after reviewing a few blue glass tile options, we landed on “Rain” by Modwalls (“Sky” and “Island” were other contenders). It’s a beautiful medium-blue that keeps the space from feeling too trendy, but still gives her a contemporary flair.

Alison didn’t want to have electrical outlets breaking up the glass tile, so she had plug-strips installed underneath the cabinets to prevent disrupting the backsplash. When dealing with a small space, it’s absolutely worth the extra effort to re-route the electrical features so that the tile has a maximum “wow” factor with little or no disruption.

Also, note how much cleaner the “after” shot looks with minimal counter clutter. Mounting the microwave above the stove gave her 100% more counter space on that wall of her kitchen, and instantly made the wall look larger. 

after...yes, that's the same kitchen!

“When I started redoing my kitchen, I was overwhelmed by the number of options available. Then I found Tile Tramp!  Her personalized advice was exactly what I needed to narrow down the options and get pointed in the right direction. She gave me her opinion, explained what was behind it, sent me links to products that might work, and patiently and cheerfully bore with my many questions and second-guessing. What an amazing resource! (And the beautiful photos on her site routinely send me into paroxysms of tile-induced bliss.)” – Alison

Thanks Alison! You were an absolute pleasure to work with, and I officially have major kitchen envy.

If you’d like help with your current renovation, feel free to email me at for a free consultation!

4 Responses to “Small Kitchen Gets a Big Makeover”
  1. Love it! This is such a great tip too! “When dealing with a small space, it’s absolutely worth the extra effort to re-route the electrical features so that the tile has a maximum “wow” factor with little or no disruption.”

  2. alison says:

    Keeping the electrical outlets out of the backsplash made a huge difference, I think. (Although I’m not sure my contractors were thrilled with the extra work.) I love how clean that space looks now.

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