10 Ways to Add a Red *Kapow!* to Your Kitchen

Ah red.

Deep down, I believe that we all love red…in large part because it’s so unexpected. It’s rarely found in nature, so when it does pop up, it has quite the “wow” factor. Since design tends to mimic nature, it’s natural that it has the same “kapow” when showing up inside a home.

Below, I go through 10 different ways to add a bright punch of color to your kitchen, starting with the least extreme and going to the most extreme I didn’t know existed prior to this post…

And here we go!

(source: Decodir)

#1 Paint Color

The most non-committal option of them all. Sure makes an otherwise relatively neutral kitchen pop, doesn’t it?

(source: Apartment Therapy)

#2 Floor Color

More committed, but less vibrant…a splash of unexpected color with painted red flooring. Obviously, I would recommend tile over any other type of flooring, but as you all already know, I’m definitely biased.

Oceanside Glasstile – Tessera “Red”

#3 Red Backsplash

This is by far and away my favorite option, and what I find to be the most reasonable option: a nice red backsplash. And as a bonus, the picture I chose uses tile from one of my all-time favorite companies!

(source: Apartment Therapy)

#4 Red Flooring & Red Backsplash Tile

If you have some leftover tile after doing your backsplash, why not use it on your floor? And vice versa. 

(source: Apartment Therapy)

 #5 Cabinet Stripes

If you can’t commit to solid red cabinetry, perhaps try some striping for a custom look? This is not something I’ve ever personally seen before, but in the right house it could be kind of cool. It certainly adds character to this little kitchen!


(source: The Kitchen Designer)

#6 Cabinet paneling.

First let me apologize for the headache I undoubtedly just gave you. But if you can get past the dizzying amount of pattern and contrast (I mean the ceiling…seriously?), the paneling is actually a pretty neat idea!

source: CalFinder

 #7 Red Countertops

Continuing up the color spectrum: bright, high-gloss red countertops with coordinating mosaic backsplash tile. It is certainly dazzling, to say the least.

(source: Robin De Groot)

#8 Glass-Front Red Cabinetry

The glass on the front of this very brightly colored cabinetry keeps this kitchen from feeling too claustrophobic, and gives it a more airy feeling.

(source: Apartment Therapy)

#9 Matte Red Cabinetry

All-red cabinetry in a matte finish keeps the overwhelming sheen to a minimum. Built-in staircase optional. I can’t make this stuff up, people.

(source: Apartment Therapy)


If you’re really unsure how to incorporate red, why not just make everything red? It sure makes color coordination easier! Although I would hate to be the homeowner who went through with this, and then decided I want purple instead…not an easy fix… 

source: My Home Ideas

 Personally, I’m not sure I could handle a lot of these kitchens…I’m already a little ADD when I cook anyway, let alone surrounded by all those bright colors and patterns! Me attempting to cook in kitchen #6 would be nothing but disaster. Also, as I’ve discussed in the past, supposedly red makes you feel hungrier too (I’m onto you McDonalds!)…I definitely don’t need that surrounding my refrigerator!

But I could (and kind of already have) fall in love with the glass-fronted red cabinetry in #7, and as I previously stated, I’m always a sucker for a clean, simple kitchen with a pretty red backsplash as shown in #3.

So what do you think, would any of you consider a red kitchen? Do you think red actually makes you hungrier? And how long do you think you would last in kitchen #6 before you wanted to pull your hair out?

And if you’d like some free design advice for your current (or future) project, simply email me at tiletramp@gmail.com and I’ll be happy to help you out!

2 Responses to “10 Ways to Add a Red *Kapow!* to Your Kitchen”
  1. shaaronie says:

    Last night my husband gave my boring kitchen a red backsplash, an idea I got from this site. I didn’t know he was goign to do it, but I had mentioned it to him that I liked the idea. I walked in and WOW, A couple of coats of bright red paint on the back wall really made the kitchen POP! It’s beautiful. Now all we have to do is add black tile to the kitchen floor and paint the island all black and I will have my dream kitchen!!!

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