TileTramp Succumbs to Social Networking Peer Pressure

Yeah OK so there wasn’t actually any pressure, but I figured not having a Facebook page made me look like a bad blogger.

Sooo introducing, TileTramp: The Facebook Experience!

In case you are like so many of us out there who relies on Facebook for your primary source of new information in all things that interest you, I’m making it extremely convenient for you to listen to my tile tangents: If you “like” my new page, my posts will be streamed into your news feed so you won’t miss a single bit of my wit, charm, and pretty pictures!

At least the pictures.

I think I’m probably the only one who finds myself witty.

Anywho, now we can get this conversation rollin’! And if you didn’t want to email me any of your tiling questions because email was too much work (I’m not judging, I’m the laziest person out there when it comes to initiating email conversations), now you can just Facebook me for some quick problem solving!

PS: Look at that artsy-fartsy Facebook logo I found…how pretentious is that?? But I guess I chose it…so joke’s on me…

PPS: It’s not an accident I made the logo like a million pixels large… It was absolutely a shameless tactic to try to trick you into accidentally clicking on it, even if you tried not to.

Can’t wait to see you all there!

*original source for above featured image found here

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