A TileTramp House

I post a lot about tile. Obviously. This is, in fact, a tile blog.

I have also made the decision to keep my identity a secret for reasons I have previously discussed. So it occurs to me that you don’t really know much about me, and some of the personal touch of my blog therefore has fallen by the wayside.

So, in order to reveal a little more about me and my design aesthetic, I thought I would take you on a little tour through my house.

My dream house, that is. My real house isn’t nearly as interesting. Yet.

So here we go! Prepare yourself for a heavy dose of glamour, because if I had my way, and did not need to take into consideration the tastes of a boy (I love mine, but our styles could not be more polar opposite), my house would be very much like this:

click image for original source

There’s something about dark tones in a small space that I really love, especially when they work with contrasts. I love how this entry plays with the contrast between the dark striped walls and stools with the bright white console and large mirror. The natural woven rug on even warmer hardwood floors (you should already know I would use porcelain) warms up the space enough to soften the edges of this room and make it more inviting. A hint of gold with the lamp adds a touch of gilt. Realistically, there would probably be a pair of heels (or two) camping under that table as well, but we’re living in fantasy world right now.

click image for original source

Moving on to my formal living room. This is one of my absolute favorite rooms of all time. The cobalt upholstered sofa is a daring blast of color in an otherwise very neutral room. I love how it’s carried in the custom cobalt pillows on the side chairs as well, and I’m absolutely in love with the mini green terrarium on the coffee table. This is where my friends and I would congregate to feel important and refined. Of course, we’d probably just be sitting around gossiping and drinking homemade cocktails, but at least the setting would be pretty.

click image for original source

Please make yourself comfortable in my den. As I am perpetually cold, a lot of fur and knit blankets are necessary for snuggling and watching movies. The wall art adds a touch of whimsy and masculinity but remains light with a white color palette. The Louis ghost chair is a must, as I absolutely adore these chairs and they haven’t shown up elsewhere in my nonexistent house yet.

click image for original source

From here, we move on to the kitchen. Yes, I have shown you a photo of this space before whilst discussing marble options, and quite recently. I apologize for that, but I mean, come on. Just look at it. I think I would actually enjoy cooking in this kitchen. It would certainly make me happy each and every time I set foot in it. I would even use the exact same flower arrangement as peonies are my absolute favorite (somewhere out there my other half should be taking note of this fun trivia fact).

click image for original source

On to the formal dining room. As with the formal living room, this room is simply to tell the world “sometimes important things happen in my home and we must have a sophisticated meal to celebrate.” We likely would rarely use this room, but it’s beautiful and I want it anyway. It meets all of my criteria: Nailhead chairs? Check. Elegant chandelier? Check. Dark sophistication? Check and check. And, even better, it’s a formal dining room that uses TILE! Gotta love that, right?

click image for original source

So this is the dining room that would house our day to day conversations about poetry, politics, and world issues. Because we talk about those things everyday. In my post discussing color theory, I noted that darker blues promote intelligent conversation. I wonder if that’s why I’m drawn to a dark blue dining room? Or maybe it’s because a have a mild major obsession with the “Keep calm and carry on” posters, and I love how this one is framed as artwork on the wall. I also appreciate the touch of Jonathan Adler (throw pillow) and that gorgeous gold light fixture. Oh, and that rug? IKEA. Seriously.

click image for original source

This has been a long tour so far, huh? Well since I live in a giant mansion, it’s not even close to being over yet, but if you need a bathroom break, feel free to pop into this little powder room I have set up just for my guests. OK, you caught me. You’ve seen this photo before as well. I’m sorry! I show photos that I love, and this photo j’adore! The Sicis plaid mosaic on the floor is so fun and I love how it plays against the lucite sconces. Such a simple bathroom, but the floor makes it so unique and interesting.

click image for original source

Now, you may not know this about me, but I am a major book worm. In fact, in elementary school we used to get gold stars according to how many pages we read a night, and I was always top of my class (nerd alert, I know). These days, I can read a whole novel in 2 days. Don’t believe me? Ask my boyfriend. The Harry Potter series? 2 weeks, tops. And if I’m sick I can do it in four days, as my flu epidemic of 2009 made evident. Therefore, my house would not be complete without a library (ladder required) dedicated to this addiction of mine, complete with comfy reading-corner chaise and fur rug. If this room also happened to have a mini-fridge, you may never see me again.

click image for original source

click image for original source

In addition to my library, I would also need a home office for managing my blog, design clients, etc. etc.  If you’re a design nut like me, these photos probably look very familiar to you. They are, in fact, photos of the newly renovated office of Lonny’s editor in chief: Michelle Adams (an idol of mine). This is literally exactly how I always pictured my home office to look, and when I saw these photos in the previous issue of Lonny, I about died. I’m convinced we are kindred spirits.

click image for original source

At this point you may be tired and want to stay the night so we can stay up and drink margaritas and gossip in my formal living room. Luckily, I have this guest bedroom to make you feel at home in my home. I love how all of the textures work together to create a layered and detailed design with bright pops of blue. I’m also a big fan of the stool at the end of the bed, which takes its cues from stools originally seen in Versailles.  I guarantee you would have a good night sleep in here, unless we decided to spend the night singing karaoke in my den instead.

click image for original source

On to the master bedroom. *Sigh*. What I wouldn’t give to crawl into that bed of heaven right now. I also spy a mix of vintage elements (gilded mirrors, frames, pillow covers) with more modern pieces (mirrored nightstands, light fixture, upholstered headboard). Yeah, forget the karaoke. I’m calling it an early night.

click image for original sourceclick image for original source

And what would a master bedroom be without a master bathroom? Yes, this does seem a bit underwhelming after some of the other rooms I have shown you. However, with the built-in shelving and ladder I can guarantee I would love this bathroom every single day until the day I died. My only alteration would be the vanity and mirror situation, which I would exchange for a bit of vintage charm and a bright pop of color with a pink floral arrangement.

click image for original sourceclick image for original source

And of course, the closet. I think this closet might be big enough for all of my clothing, but I can’t be sure.  If not, I think I could probably fill it up pretty quickly. My other half would have a separate closet…no need to tone down the femininity of my favorite room in any house.

So there you have it. With unlimited funds and a very laid back other half, this is where I would live, and this is my ideal aesthetic. Lots of white, lots of glamour, lots of pattern and texture. I do not have a minimalist style, but I don’t believe I’m eclectic enough to compete with Tricia Guild. I’m a bit of traditional with a bit of modern.

If you’ve made it all the way through this post, thank you for taking a tour with me through my fictional dream home, and now you know just a little bit more about me. Hope you enjoyed it!

And if you would like me to help you find your ideal design aesthetic, please don’t hesitate to email tiletramp@gmail.com for a free consultation!


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