An Alternative to Wood Wainscoting in Bathrooms

Ahhhh wainscoting. A personal favorite design touch of mine.

I think we can all agree that wainscoting is a beautiful look in any room. But there’s something about wainscoting in a bathroom that really exudes elegance.

Unfortunately, having that much wood in a wet environment can pose a cornucopia of problems (Yes, I just used cornucopia in a sentence).


Peeling paint

Etc. etc…

So what to do?


I stumbled across this tile from Petracer’s Ceramics that kind of blew my mind:

Yes, my dear readers, that is exactly what you think it is. Wainscoting ceramic TILE!

Brilliant! I can’t believe no one has thought of this sooner!

Not only is it mold-resistant, but it’s super easy to clean, and it just looks gorgeous!

(I apologize for all the exclamation marks, but I am genuinely so excited about this discovery! (Oops, there’s another one..))

Here’s another look:

The line is called “800 italiano” and you can view even more unbelievably pretty pictures on their website here: Petracer’s Ceramics.


And now my bathroom seems hideous.

8 Responses to “An Alternative to Wood Wainscoting in Bathrooms”
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