Petra Antiqua: The Most Beautiful Tiles in the World

That’s a bold statement, I know…But I don’t know who would argue. These tiles are simply amazing.

I mean, obviously I’ve seen a lot of tile.

And by a lot, I mean a lot of tile.

But let’s just say that when I first heard about this company and searched through their website, there were several audible “oh my God” moments.

Acqueforti - Emotions "Shiraz 2"

I know I’ve talked about falling in love with tile before, but this is a whole different playing field. I am full on, head over heels, ridiculously in love with this tile. It’s unbelievabley beautiful…I’ve never seen anything like it.

The material that you’re drooling over (I know you are) is natural stone painted in real melted precious metals. Yeah. You heard me. That first picture way at the top there? Painted in GOLD. I don’t even want to know what that costs per square foot. A wall of it is probably worth more than my condo.

I just know I want it everywhere in my house (somewhere in the world my other half is reading this and just started sweating bullets). I think I could stare at it for hours. Actually, I have. And you can tell on me to my boss, because she’s just as enthralled with it as I am.

Art Collection - Travertino Decor in Iron

Art Collection - Travertino Decor in Copper

Acqueforti - Emotions

What I really love about this tile also is the company behind it. Petra Antiqua is such a new company; they’ve only been around since 1990.

They’re family owned and they treat their employees like an extension of family.

Considering that they’re exporting some of the finest Italian stone the world has ever seen, they are modest and humble about their products and focused only on an immaculate end result.

Acqueforti - Emotions "Damasco Patchwork

Art Collection - Travertino Decor in Red

Acqueforti - Emotions "Velvet"

Acqueforti - Emotions "Kilt Pattern"

OK if you weren’t sold before…that red one?? Come on. It’s too cool for words. I am literally itching to spec that for a lounge or nightclub.

Because of how new the company is, it hasn’t really hit North America yet. I almost didn’t want to share this with the world and keep it as my own little secret, but hey, at least you can say you heard it from me first…but it’s coming.

A Dutch bathroom with Petra Antiqua tiles
Australian restaurant using Art Collection designed by Victoria Hampshire

Yep, it’s coming alright. And I can’t wait.

You can’t say I never showed you anything unbelievable on this site! Do you have a favorite? I’m still deciding on mine… I don’t know if I can ever choose!

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