TileTramp Says Ciao & Au Revoir!

I have been extremely enthralled with European design as of late. Wondering why?

Perhaps it’s because of its innate beauty?

Or because The Real Housewives of Paris is in the works?

That’s actually not true…but I would watch it if it was.

Classic French Design

No, no my friends.

I have been particularly obsessed with European design lately because I will be heading to explore it firsthand myself today!

That’s right, as I type this, I am sitting in the international airport having an espresso and eating a croissant so that I can compare to the real deal when I get there and because I think the North American versions of both items are going to be ruined for me forever when I get home after experiencing the real deal for two solid weeks (sorry for the run-on sentence…but seriously…Europe!!).

Modern Italian Design

So, while I am abroad, I will be conducting research for an upcoming four-part series focusing on European design both new and old (obviously with a tile theme), straight from the source. The posts will follow my trip from city to city, but won’t begin until I return (I’m not bringing my laptop since theft apparently runs rampant in Italy).

Here’s what the schedule is looking like so far:

#1 Venice

Venetian Glass Tile

Between gondola rides and gelato, I will be exploring a famous craft that helped to change the face of tile: Venetian glass-making. All that glass tile I’ve discussed here and here started somewhere, and I’m going to give you an in-depth look at the art.

#2 Rome

I wonder how many pieces of stone went into that puppy!

Two words: stone mosaics. Some of the best in the world in fact. Maybe THE best. Are you excited yet? Because you should be. I’m beyond excited to see some of the most elaborate stone mosaics with my own eyes (and photograph them for your own eyes too!).

#3 Nice

Nice Beachside

I’ll be honest, I’m not expecting to see a wonderland of tile in Nice as it’s not exactly famous for its life-changing designs. I’ll try to dig up something, but no promises. This might end up just being a post about the beautiful weather. Don’t hate me; I might brag a little.

#4 Paris

The Legendary Hall of Mirrors

Source: Elle Decor

French Bathroom

My personal mecca. Paris has called to me since the very first time I flipped through a travel book on my parent’s bookshelf at the tender age of 6 (maybe 5) and saw that sparkling Eiffel Tower in all its glory. Paris is the epitome of all things chic, and I’m thrilled to be able to report to you right from the source. Ahhh Paris mon amour.

More French Style

So there you have it!

I return on the 27th and expect to begin the series the next day (ambitious, I know). But until then, don’t worry: I’ve been working on a backlog of posts which are already pre-scheduled to fill this gap, so you can continue to experience the beauty of tile while I am abroad!

Until then, au revoir mes amis!

(not actually my luggage...yet)

If you would like assistance planning your next tile project, email me at tiletramp@gmail.com for a free consultation!


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