3 Steps to Finding Your Perfect Kitchen Tile

When you begin thinking about a kitchen renovation, all of the different choices out there can be daunting. I can’t speak for the entire renovation process, but I know I frequently speak with clients who are at their wits end with all of the options and trying to decide what comes first. Luckily, you won’t have to be one of them when you come to your tile selection.

*Disclaimer: this post is targeted for those homeowners who are feeling lost in the sea of possibility. Rules are made to be broken, but if you don’t know where to start, I’m simply providing a failsafe.

Kitchen modern kitchen

1. Figure out what you want your “centerpiece” to be.
To be clear, by “centerpiece” I am not referring to that pretty floral arrangement on your dining room table. I mean, when you enter the kitchen, what do you want to be the primary focal point? Do you want to have a beautiful granite countertop? Do you want an intricate patterned floor? Do you want a unique and eye-catching backsplash (my favorite option)? Pick the feature that you want to really deliver the “wow” factor.

Kitchens by Formica Group traditional kitchen

2. START with that feature.
If you said yes to the backsplash, this means to come in for the backsplash tile FIRST and build your kitchen around it. Many an interior designer out there recommend choosing your countertop first, but I must respectfully disagree. I have seen far too many a disappointed client when I help them see that their counter is too busy for the mosaic that they’re eyeing.

Schraub Kitchen Renovation traditional kitchen

This photo by Curb Appeal Renovations is a perfect example of the classic “too many focal points” scenario. The problem with this level of busyness is that the eye doesn’t know where to start. Even as I’m typing this I can’t figure out what the primary point of interest is…is it those gorgeous custom-made cabinets? The beautiful granite counter? The textured tile in the backsplash with that intricate trim piece? All elements are beautiful apart, but when thrust altogether in the same room, they fight one another.

3. Build around your focal point within the same color family.
By color family, I am referring to not just the specific colors present in your feature, but the colors 1-2 shades darker and lighter than the colors in your feature. I generally recommend choosing the lightest shade for the countertop and complementing the darkest shade for the floor.

Baker Kitchen contemporary kitchen

For example, if you were to choose an Oceanside recycled glass mosaic for your backsplash like the one pictured below, I would recommend picking up on the white with a simple white countertop, and picking up on the subtle brown tones for the floor. At this point, choosing your cabinetry is really quite easy.

Aston Road Butlers Pantry traditional kitchen

Now welcome yourself home to your beautiful new kitchen! 
If you would like assistance planning your next tile project, email me at tiletramp@gmail.com for a free consultation!
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